We’ve all been there! Thinking what our lives would look like if we’d chosen a different road. All those missed possibilities. Crazy, isn’t it?

I’m no exception. For me, that road curved at unexpected places. But it gave me what I needed the most: Balls to leave behind the ‘old’ me and start a journey.

I travel to experience. The beauty of cultures, terrible (but sympathetic) attempts to speak in local tongues, the sights I can only see to believe, the warmth strangers leave along my way, the huge mouthfuls of local concoctions, and the helplessness that loves to creep on me in a foreign land.

Traveling is exciting and frightening (hello, solo travelers!). But I’m a fan of the ‘exciting’ part. With better care for my health, respect for local culture and customs, obsessively well-planned itineraries, and lazy afternoons wasted by the waves.

This is what you’ll find on Infiniteli. My solo/group travels, partial opinions, (possibly unwanted) health tips, awkward thoughts, budget travel hacks, and culture/travel guides.

I’m glad you stopped by. I hope you find what you’re looking for, in life and otherwise!

P.S.: You pronounce my name as: sfu-rT (no, it’s not pronounced as Sporty), and it means energy.


  1. Darshan shetty says

    Waah waah… really nice website!!! 😁 keep up the awesome work sporty! 😋


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