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Time Traveling in Yosemite National Park

California is a wonderland for dreams and dreamers alike. Here they find their own place in the world… to imagine, stand, and soar. The air is dry yet carries a tinge of hope with it. The vast expanse fills your heart as you start to unravel the hidden wonders, one curve on one freeway at a time.

And if California is the wonderland then Yosemite National Park is the much-deserved crowd puller. This 1200-square-miles U.S. national park is on many’s bucket list and for a damn good reason.

Yosemite is an ode to raw beauty undisturbed by tides of time. With its hypnotic waterfalls, deep valleys, giant sequoias, grand meadows, this land gives you a traveler’s rush (if that’s even a term). Every season uncovers a new side of Yosemite.

You’ll always find something to do here, whether you’re visiting the park as a newbie or a seasoned traveler.

This year I had the most gratifying pleasure to explore Yosemite’s diverse wilderness with my family… for 3 whole days. Though this period allowed me to see only a glimpse of Yosemite, I left it behind as a happy traveler.

This photo blog is my tribute (and guide) to Yosemite that continues to shower us with nature’s honest-to-goodness charms.

Our lodge | First time staying amidst wilderness… without electricity and mobile network ©

Glacier Point | Our lodge is hidden somewhere down there ©

Half Dome seen from Glacier Point | Full disclaimer: I’m disappointed that I’m not one of the shadow girls ©

Sunsets like these! *melt* ©

I could stare at this view forever… | If you squeeze your eyes, you see Tenaya Lake in the lower mid-right part ©

I worship thee | A must, must to-do: Swimming in Tenaya Lake’s clear, pure water surrounded by the mountains until your body starts to shiver ©

Ribbon Fall ©

Olmsted Point showing off a bluer sky ©

My kind of tree ©

Vernal Fall hike (does it look like 6:30 am?) ©

Merced River ©

The lone climber ©

Vernal Fall aptly getting masked on the Mist Trail ©

At 317 feet height, Vernal flows stronger ©

First time EVER to see such a clear rainbow up and close ©

Yosemite National Park is a gift to us humans chained to a world run by our fingers, typing away. It’s the perfect cure for our eyes… strained from our itch to stay connected every moment of our life.

Almost like a time travel machine, Yosemite takes us back to how we all were meant to live and perish, in the midst of an unforgiving yet kind wilderness.


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